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In vivo imaging facility


The mission of the platform is to provide small animals in vivo imaging services to the scientific community in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) instrument is operational since Q1 2015 to provide anatomical and physiological tomographic images of rodents’ brain and whole body, with applications in oncology, neurology and cardiovascular diseases. Molecular imaging capabilities are also being evaluated based on Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Optical Imaging. Such a platform is a key enabling technology for experimental and preclinical validation projects that looks to bring new drugs or treatments to the clinic.

Services provided

  • 2D/3D MRI-based anatomical images of rodents (mice and rats) brain and whole body
  • Physiological imaging (perfusion, diffusion, brain function, metabolism)
  • Multimodal molecular imaging extensions using Optical Imaging and PET (2016)
  • Support for experimental setup and protocols optimization
  • Advanced images analysis techniques using commercial software and custom developments

Platform responsible

Dr Olivier Keunen is responsible for the platform. He holds a polytechnic engineering degree from the University of Liège, Belgium and a PhD degree in biomedical imaging from the University of Bergen, Norway. He has been with the Laboratory NORLUX of Neuro-Oncology of the LIH since 2009 where he conducts research projects in the field of brain tumours imaging.


Olivier Keunen, PhD

Platform In Vivo Imaging, Luxembourg Institute of Health

84, Val Fleuri, L-1526 Luxembourg

Email: olivier.keunen@lih.lu,

Tel: +352 26970-833